Self Promotion

It’s time for me to design new business cards for my company and I have taken inspiration from an exhibition I put together at art college after a trip to Venice. As well as sitting around the streets of Venice sketching the amazing scenery and architecture, I also captured the alphabet in photography. Everywhere I looked I sort out letters….it could be the letter ‘A’ created in the curves of an old iron gate or the letter ‘O’ created by a huge, old door knocker. I photographed the whole alphabet, developed the prints, then used different media for each letter to transform the photograph into a piece of artwork. Unfortunately I can’t find a photograph of the exhibition to show you, but I will keep hunting through my many boxes of college artwork, if I find it I’ll post it for you to see.

So using the idea of capturing the alphabet in the everyday objects and the environment that is around us, I have come up with this design for my business cards….

Business Card Front

 Apatite Design business card

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